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Pethealth Inc. is pleased to announce that it has become a lead sponsor of the Atlanta Humane Society’s Humane Emergency Animal Rescue Team (“H.E.A.R.T.”) Mobile, now being used in the south east region of the United States. The agreement runs through 2012.

The Atlanta Humane Society (“AHS”) will be using the vehicle in its own outreach efforts, bringing animals from overcrowded shelters to its own facilities. The AHS completed 5,500 adoptions in 2009, up 15% from 2008. With plans to build a new state of the art 100,000 sq ft facility on 10 acres, which will be the largest in the United States, the AHS is positioning itself to be the leading animal welfare organisation in the United States. To this end, it has also become one of the first animal welfare organisations to put its own vehicles on the road, rescuing and bringing up to 100 adoptable dogs per week from rescued and overcrowded organisations as far away as Louisiana to its own facilities where demand for dogs from those pet owners wishing to adopt currently outstrips its own supply.

“We are very pleased to be assisting Atlanta Humane Society in its initiatives,” said Mark Warren,President and Chief Executive Officer of Pethealth Inc. “In addition to providing financial assistance in the ongoing operations of H.E.A.R.T., we are also working with Atlanta Humane to make sure that all organisations from which it receives pets are also running our PetPoint animal management software. As a SaaS-based application, data and related information on those animals being transferred can be sent by ‘the click of a mouse’ from one organisation to another, thereby eliminating unnecessary paperwork but, more importantly, ensuring that disease and related health issues can be effectively controlled.”

PetPoint is the most widely used animal management software. The application is licensed by over 1,350 animal welfare organisations in the United States and Canada. In 2009 alone, over 1.8-million animal intakes and over 680,000 adoptions were completed by organisations running PetPoint. In return for its financial contribution, Pethealth’s own adoptable search site, petango.com, is now the featured brand on the H.E.A.R.T. Mobile. Petango is the fastest growing adoptable search web site.
In December, over 1-million unique visitors went to petango.com to look for pets to adopt. Additionally, more animal welfare organisations in North America run PetPoint than any other animal management software.  PetPoint also drives content to petango.com, making Petango the only adoptable search site to combine adoptable pet search content exclusively with live data from animal welfare organisations.

“We are very happy to have Pethealth’s support in this initiative,” said Carl Leveridge, President of the Atlanta Humane Society. “Pethealth has become one of our most important partners over the past several years. Their PetPoint animal management application has greatly assisted us and the broader shelter community as a whole and, tied to their 24PetWatch microchip program, they have helped us to create greater efficiencies in our own operations.”

The transfer of adoptable dogs between animal welfare organisations is growing. PetPoint, is assisting other individual shelters as well as the charitable arms of leading retailers in America with their efforts to create greater efficiencies in the transfer of dogs and cats between animal welfare organisations.

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PetPoint – New Features!

The original development of PetPoint began when our shelter experts, with over 35 years of combined experience, teamed up with animal welfare organizations from around the country to develop PetPoint.  Their efforts resulted in a comprehensive, easy-to-use, web-based animal management system that enables shelters and rescue groups to save valuable time and money.

However, we did not stop there – the customizable nature of PetPoint means that with every new client comes a fresh perspective and new ideas for PetPoint. Since its inception, PetPoint’s design has been driven by user input. Over 2,000 feature requests have been added to PetPoint since it debuted in February 2005, and most of those have been borne from direct feedback from our nearly 1,000 creative clients. We are proud to say that our clients have the best ideas!

In recent months the PetPoint IT team has spent countless hours working hard to fulfill our clients’ ideas and suggestions and has now created a range of new features which will empower all PetPoint users with new reports and enhanced functionality in PetPoint. A few highlights of new reports and enhanced functionality which represent hours of investment into PetPoint are:

New Reports

  • Case History Crosstab
  • Dispatch History Crosstab
  • Animal Daily Count Crosstab
  • Outcome by Intake Crosstab
  • Intake & Outcome Advanced Crosstabs
  • Foster Outcome Age-Species Crosstab
  • Foster History Age-Species Crosstab
  • Length of Stay by Outcome Age-Species Crosstab
  • Daily Intake Age-Species Crosstab
  • Agency Intake Age-Species Crosstab (slated for launch mid-September)
  • Agency Outcome Age-Species Crosstab (slated for launch mid-September)
  • Mail Label Reports for Agencies & Agency Members allows organizations to easily create mailing labels for groups already stored in PetPoint for newsletters or other correspondence.
  • Care – Behavior Follow-Up allows shelters to follow up with new pet owners regarding observed behavior issues once the animal has gone home.

PetPoint’s Crosstab reports are one of the most powerful, yet underutilized reports in the system. Crosstab reports allow users to “crunch” or “slice & dice” data in a variety of ways, through the use of X and Y parameters.

Application Changes

  • 2 new customizable contracts for Appointments (Scheduling Module) and for Post-Mortem Activities, like cremation services.
  • Ability to backdate Behavior Tests, plus PetPoint now automatically repopulates previously entered information after the first behavior test is entered for an animal. If the users stay on Care – Behavior screen, the “performed by,” “behavior category,” and “behavior test” all remain populated to speed data entry of similar tests for the same animal.
  • Animal Body Part added to Exam – Vaccine.
  • Renamed Owner to Owner/Guardian to reflect trends in industry.
  • Care – Voucher allows shelters to issue multiple coupons for behavior or medical services to new pet owners as part of their adoption package.

From new modules, to the over 125 reports offered today, PetPoint helps shelters and rescue groups to not only manage their daily operations, but also provides them with the analytical data to improve their overall processes – it is clear why PetPoint is the most widely-used and most customer-centric animal management system in the industry.


  • Not a PetPoint client? Contact our Sales Team to see why nearly 1,000 organizations rely on PetPoint for their daily operations.
  • Current client with questions? Contact our Customer Support Team for assistance with running any of our new Crosstab reports, or any other questions / problems with PetPoint.
  • Have an idea for PetPoint? Share it with us via Admin – Feedback next time you’re logged into PetPoint.

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Many of you are regularly called upon to assist in rescue and relief operations large and small. You know that careful planning and co-ordination is required to ensure that the transfer of animals from the rescue situation into the care of the new animal welfare facility is completed in the least stressful manner possible for the animals. This Pethealth Post relates the recent experiences of the Atlanta Humane Society in their first relief assist since they began using PetPoint.

“This June, eight members of our Emergency Relief Team were dispatched to Tennessee to receive a transfer of 129 animals. What made this rescue effort different was the data entry part. This was our first relief assist after our Fall 2007 migration to PetPoint from Chameleon.

During the loading process, our entire team was busy helping the coordinating agency in any way we could. When it was our turn, our team switched gears and began to prepare our own animals for transport. This meant identifying, verifying paperwork, tagging and cataloguing every animal (same as every transport we’d ever done). When all our vehicles were loaded, and paperwork divided, team drivers assumed their positions and passengers… started their laptops!

One of the most exciting things about PetPoint is that it is web-based and easily accessible. If you can get online, you can get to your data–no special skills required! On the way to the site, we tested our wireless connections to be sure we would have connectivity for the 4 to 5 hour trip. During the return drive, our passengers (with the help of a few staff “back at the ranch”) were able to enter all 129 records. Why was this important? By the time the team arrived, the staff members at the Shelter had printed the cage cards and have all the cages prepped and ready. The result was less confusion, more efficiency!

It definitely helped streamline the transfer process. The animals were logged and properly entered into our database. Preparations at home were underway before the team arrived. We were able to make effective use of what has previously been “downtime” as well as reduce the confusion that can accompany the arrival of 129 new animals at once.”

If you are a PetPoint user you already know that transferring animals between two organizations can be even easier if both agencies are using PetPoint. Through the PetPoint Transfer Module, no extra data entry is required. Simply select the animals you would like to transfer out to a co-operating agency and the receiving shelter will obtain the complete animal profile at the click of a button. If you have not started using PetPoint yet we encourage you to call the PetPoint team at 1-866-630-7387 today to see how PetPoint can help your organization!

Want to get started with PetPoint? Click here

Already Using PetPoint? Click here for information on our referral program.

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The battle to provide lost or unwanted cats and dogs with a safe haven until they can be placed into new and loving homes is one which you fight every day. It is unfortunate that sometimes even after a successful adoption there is still the chance that a new pet may be returned. While there is little that we can do to avoid those returns due to incompatibility or a change of mind we have provided you with a $7,500,000 weapon to help eradicate returns due to the health of the animal – the ShelterCare gift.

The ShelterCare gift is the most widely used gift of pet insurance in the world offering animal welfare organizations the opportunity to transfer the risk of post-adoption veterinary costs to ShelterCare. The success of this gift with the animal welfare community and new adopters is clearly highlighted by the fact that ShelterCare gift paid claims now total more than $7,500,000. Many thousands of new pet parents have the ShelterCare gift to thank for the fact that they could afford to pay for the veterinary treatment required by their newly adopted family member within the 30-day post-adoption period.

On June 1st this year we enhanced the ShelterCare gift by increasing the coverage amount to $750 PLUS we added two new “zero-cost” options for adopters a) the opportunity to extend their 30-day gift of insurance to 45-days and b) the opportunity to include renter’s insurance. These changes to the gift have been well received by adopters resulting in a 31% pick up in inbound call volume to our ShelterCare team. This increase should come as great news for both the animal welfare community and those newly adopted animals as it gives us the opportunity to discuss the benefits of pet insurance with more new adopters. As you are aware, people who have insured their pets with ShelterCare for life will not need to return their pet to you due to the cost of their adopted pet’s health care.

As we settle into an environment in which the majority of people are paying more attention to where their dollars are going it is more important than ever to talk to your adopters about pet insurance – monthly pet insurance is an affordable cost for most but it is a rare pet parent who can afford thousands of dollars to cover their pet’s unexpected health costs!! Give us the opportunity to help to keep your returns low – use the ShelterCare gift daily and encourage all of your adopters to call us to take advantage of our new offers.

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“PetPoint Community” Provides Hub for over 35,000 Animal Welfare Professionals

Pethealth today announced the launch of a new networking site for shelter and animal welfare professionals. Linked to PetPoint®, the new networking site, PetPoint Community creates a forum for shelter professionals to network and exchange ideas.

“Shelter professionals want a place to discuss all aspects of their cause, including new product reviews, fundraising ideas, events, job postings and standard operating procedures,” said Mark Warren, President and CEO, Pethealth Inc. “PetPoint Community not only meets this need but also allows shelters to streamline their on-line internal operations and communications, without investing in a system of their own.”

Password protected access to PetPoint Community is provided at no cost to all animal welfare organizations in the U.S. and Canada running the PetPoint animal management application. As a member you can:

  • View forums on topics including animal transport, standardized operating procedures, policies and job postings;
  • Create a group for your animal welfare organization or join an existing one;
  • Promote events and conferences using the calendar feature;
  • Access user generated blogs or post your own opinions and ideas.
  • Engage, express and earn, every time!

When you interact with PetPoint Community – for example by blogging, joining a forum or uploading a picture – you’ll earn valuable points in our Express’n Earn Program. Quarterly gifts, such as laptops for organizations and cameras for individuals, will be awarded to the organizations and individuals that contribute the most.

The more you participate the more you earn!

Join PetPoint Community today at community.petpoint.com

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North America’s #1 Pet Insurance Program for Adopted Dogs and Cats to Offer Four New Enhancements

Pethealth, owner of ShelterCare® Pet Insurance Program for newly adopted pets, is pleased to announce it has added four new enhancements to its industry-leading pet insurance program designed for those pet parents who choose to adopt their new dog or cat.

The ShelterCare Pet Insurance Program was first introduced in 2002. More than 1.8-million dogs and cats have been enrolled in the program to date. The program features a 30-day pre-paid gift program provided by animal welfare organizations to those adopting dogs and cats from their facilities. Over $7-million in claims has been paid out under the first 30 days of coverage alone.

Expanded Coverage
Coverage under the program has been expanded significantly to include all accidents, eye and ear illnesses, flea allergy related dermatitis, heartworm disease and tick borne diseases. Previously, the coverage had been limited to 11 specific perils.
“Extending the coverage available under the ShelterCare gift program to include all accidents and these additional illness coverages has been made in response to our shelter partners’ desire to provide greater value added to those pet parents who choose to adopt their dogs and cats,” said Mark Warren, President and CEO, Pethealth Inc.

Extended Coverage Period
The second announced change is that adopters can now extend the pre-paid gift period from 30 to 45 days by making a simple phone call to the ShelterCare call centre between 9.00 a.m. and 1.00 p.m. (EST) Tuesdays through Saturdays.
“Extending the gift period from 30-45 days is an additional change desired by our partners in the shelter community that we have been happy to make based on the generosity they have exhibited,” added Warren.

Increased Coverage Limit
The coverage limit per event under the gift program has now been increased from $500 to $750. A corresponding increase in the deductible from $50 to $75 has also been made.
“Since 2002, veterinary fees have increased in line with or ahead of inflation rates in general,” said John Warden, Vice President. “As a result, it seems sensible for us to increase the dollar limit per event under the ShelterCare program during the gift period to $750.”

ShelterCare for Renters
Pethealth also announced that pet parents living in rental accommodation can choose to add a renters’ endorsement to their 30 day gift of ShelterCare by calling the ShelterCare call centre. This endorsement will cover any damage the newly adopted pet causes to the pet parents’ rental unit.

“Our increasingly strong relationship with the animal welfare community has made us cognisant of a couple of significant trends,” said Warren. First, organizations have had difficulty attracting potential adopters who live in rental accommodation due to concerns about the ability to obtain landlord permission for the pet. Secondly, with the current crisis in the housing market, we are concerned that pet owners who currently own their own homes may soon become renters and we want to make sure that our friends in the animal welfare community are not suddenly inundated with dogs and cats who are unable to relocate with their pet parents,” added Warren. “Given our success to date in promoting pet health insurance to those that adopt dogs and cats, adding coverage for renters made good sense.”

Animal welfare organizations that wish to inform their community of this new renters’ endorsement may do so by using the prepared release – click here to access release http://www.pethealthinc.com/pr_15_may_08.htm

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Pethealth announced today the introduction of live search for lost and adoptable pets for shelters and animal welfare organizations running PetPoint®. Animal data can now appear instantly on the search function of a shelter’s web site, allowing pet owners to search for lost pets and potential pet parents to search for adoptable animals.

“Most shelters and animal welfare organizations currently need staff and volunteers to manually upload adoptable pet data to their shelters’ or animal welfare organizations’ web sites,” said Steve Zeidman, Chief Technology Officer, Pethealth Inc. “PetPoint takes out all the effort needed to update the site and posts it live.”

In addition to a live feed on the local shelter’s website, adoptable pet information will be automatically uploaded to national pet adoption sites providing access to millions of potential pet adopters across the U.S. and Canada.

This add-on function is available at no cost to shelters and animal welfare organizations running PetPoint, Pethealth’s industry-leading on-line animal management system. The Company estimates that nearly 40% of all animal intakes and adoptions now take place in organisations running the PetPoint application and more animal welfare organisations run PetPoint than any other form of management software.

This new adoptable search function has been tested for the past two months with the Atlanta Humane Society (www.atlantahumane.org), and the Boulder Valley Humane Society (www.boulderhumane.org) before being introduced across the U.S. and Canada in early June 2008.

“Enabling potential adopters to view pet profiles in real time is essential to driving our adoption success rate,” said Lisa Pedersen, CEO of the Humane Society of Boulder Valley. “This important feature provides great access to all of the animals in our adoption centre which increases visits to our facility and our effectiveness in finding the right match for every family.”

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