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Petango Editor

At the request of many shelters and rescues, we have created a new user role called the Petango Editor.  Users with this role will have the ability to do limited editing of active inventory animals for display on Petango.com and within the Adoptable Search I-frame.  This role should be given individually, with no other user roles applied, to data entry employees or volunteers who need no access to PetPoint other than to work with records displayed on the web.

Learn more here:  http://sms.petpoint.com/help/petango_editor.htm

PetPoint Portfolio Reports are now LIVE!

These reports can be generated from the PetPoint Report Website from within your PetPoint database.  Only those users who’ve had the role of “Executive Contact” added to their record will see this new report option.  The PetPoint Reports Website now shows a new option at the top of the screen with the link to the new Portfolio report for your organization.  Please note, this is for PetPoint SMS users only.

Learn more here:  http://sms.petpoint.com/help/petpoint_portfolio.htm

Care > Exam

The Animal Body Part drop down menu that is available on the Vaccines tab of the Care > Exam screen is now also available on the Procedures and Medications tabs.  If your organization has yet to fill this in with animal body parts you may do so under Admin Options > Add/Edit Field Values.

Learn more here:  http://sms.petpoint.com/help/add_edit_field_value.htm

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Sun, sand and the 22nd Annual Galveston Home and Garden Show brought people to Galveston Island.

The Galveston Home & Garden Show is an event that directly benefits the Galveston Island Humane Society where it makes it possible for them to provide many services to the public such as: adoptions, medical care, humane education and prevention of animal cruelty. Without these types of fundraisers it wouldn’t be possible!

Even thought it was the first weekend of Spring break in Texas, over 3,500 people attended the Galveston Home and Garden Show on March 13th-14th to raise funds and awareness for the many of the lost and unwanted animals that are brought into GIHS annually.
All proceeds from the show supports the day to day operations of the GIHS. There were over 130 exhibitors offering special show discounts on merchandise and services. GHIS had a pet adoption center where many dogs and cats were available for adoption. There were many volunteers helping in the adoption center. The PetangoStore.com set up an adoption area at our booth to help find new homes for a couple of kittens. GIHS adopted total of 7 animals by the end of the show.

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