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By now, we have all seen or heard about the wild fires that have been burning out of control in Southern California. In all, the fires have spread across 490,000 acres — or 765 square miles, fanned by Santa Ana winds that produced gusts topping 100 mph. The magnitude of this event is staggering and the measures taken to protect lives have been massive. Throughout Southern California 900,000 people have been evacuated from their homes and businesses.

Many of our animal welfare colleagues are already working to assist with the thousands of animals (domestic and wild) that have been impacted by this devastating natural disaster. As the wildfires die down, and the clean up begins there will be many more animals found in need of relocation, medical assistance and return to their homes.

The Pethealth range of programs and services for the animal welfare sector is designed to provide solutions and support for organizations and pet owners facing emergency situations.

  • PetPoint is web-based and hosted in a safe and secure location – in the event that you need to relocate to another location, all your team will need is a laptop and high speed internet access to commence work at another location;

  • Should your animals need to be relocated to another facility the PetPoint system allows you to transfer animal records quickly & easily to another PetPoint user’s location in an entirely paperless operation;
  • Many of PetPoint’s modules can help manage your organization’s response to a disaster.  For example, the Case & Equipment Rental modules can coordinate the search & recovery efforts; the Scheduling module can help track animal transports or volunteers & staff; and the Foster and Transfer modules can track temporary or permanent placement of animals involved in a disaster;
  • Emergency situations resulting in large numbers of lost and abandoned animals can be alleviated by the 24PetWatch link with the PetPoint users.  This link allows the 24PetWatch lost pet recovery specialists to search through the animal intakes and lost/found animal reports within all PetPoint shelters to re-unite animals with their families helping to take some of the burden of lost pets off the shoulders of the animal welfare organizations;
  • In the event that your supplies of 24PetWatch microchips are damaged in an emergency we will replace them for you free of charge

More emergency preparation by pet owners will reduce the burden on the animal welfare sector in an emergency situation.  We at Pethealth are here for the pet owners in your community as well.

  • Review the ShelterCare tear-sheet handouts with your adopters.  No pet owner can predict the future, so encouraging them to upgrade their Gift to one of our core policies listed can provide them with the coverage they may need in the future;
  • Review the 24PetWatch tear-sheet handouts with your adopters.  In addition to being a permanent method of pet identification and reunification in a lost pet recovery situation, the 24PetWatch microchip can additionally protect your adopter’s pets through enrollment in our EmergencyCare and 24PetWatch Medical programs.

Emergency situations are stressful for animals and can result in short and long term health issues – the ShelterCare Pet Insurance Programs continue to support the animal welfare organizations through the provision of the pet insurance options that have been specially created to meet the needs of recently adopted pets.

Pethealth is continuing to work to add more emergency management modules to PetPoint to meet the needs of the animal welfare community.  We are proud to be playing an active role with SART initiatives throughout the United States.

The Pethealth Family


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Busy adoption center? Lots of information to give new adopters who can’t wait to take their new pets home? How do you make sure that adopters get all the key information that they need to be able to care for their new pet and to ensure that the animal will have found its “Forever Home”?

It is difficult, and many of you have created packages for adopters to take home to read at their leisure which may include information about heartworm, fleas and ticks, vaccinations, separation anxiety, training tips and nutrition. One item that may not be included in your information package, but perhaps should be, is an information sheet about the importance of an annual wellness check up.

Given that cats and dogs age seven times faster than human beings, an annual assessment for them is the equivalent of a human being going to the doctor or dentist once every seven years! Consequently an animal’s health profile may radically change in a year. For that reason an annual check up should be considered the minimum. Many veterinarians recommend two check-ups per year, particularly for senior pets. Most pet parents are unaware of how quickly their pet’s health may deteriorate and untrained eyes can easily miss subtle changes in their pet’s behavior that may be symptomatic of an underlying health issue.

If you are interested in including an information sheet about the importance of Annual Wellness check-ups please click here. As Children often play a role in reminding parents about their pet’s veterinary needs – click here to download the October coloring sheet.

For those adopters who choose to extend their ShelterCare Insurance Gift into an annual policy – it is a requirement and a condition of ongoing insurance that insured animals be taken for an Annual check-up.

Lastly, our new pet insurance options QuickCare Optimum and QuickCare Complete offer pet owners $150 Annual Coverage for Wellness.

The Pethealth Family

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Pethealth Inc. has already made total contributions to the animal welfare sector exceeding $15,600,000 and we are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to further support the sector. This week we are getting ready to launch a new initiative to help animal welfare organizations raise additional donations.

On November 2nd we will be releasing our first edition of a new monthly e-mail feature, the “PetPoint Profile”. This new e-mail joins the existing line of Pethealth publications offered to the animal welfare sector and pet parents on an ongoing basis – which currently includes:-

The Pethealth Post – this weekly informational e-mail covers a broad range of topics of interest to those working in the animal welfare sector and frequently includes downloadable forms to give to new adopters and to use at fund raising events;

The PetPoint Journal – a bi-monthly e-mail that provides an overview of trends in animal intake based upon the aggregated statistical shelter data generated by the animal welfare organizations running PetPoint;

Mutt Monologues/Cat Chatter – a monthly newsletter to pet parents including a coloring page for children, Top 10 Tips and the History Tails. Animal welfare organizations that are interested in linking to this newsletter or in using the content, may do so by contacting our e-commerce department at webadmin@petcareinsurance.com .

The new PetPoint Profile will be issued on a monthly basis and will profile one animal welfare organization featuring:-

Key details about the organization;
Annual fundraisers;
Adoptable animals;
New and innovative ideas utilized by the organization;
Contact details;

Organizations featured in the PetPoint Profile will receive the following benefits:-

  • Following release, each PetPoint Profile will be available on the PetPoint website allowing interested parties continued access;

  • Profiled organizations may use the Profile in their marketing materials and website press link;

  • Profiled organizations will also be linked to selected Pethealth consumer websites and highlighted in the Mutt Monologues/Cat Chatter newsletter giving thousands of motivated pet people the opportunity to read about and donate to a new organization each month;

  • Fundraising events for profiled organization will be highlighted on Pethealth’s consumer websites, exposing your development efforts to thousands of new potential donors.

Are you interested in having your organization profiled in the Pethealth Profiles? Click here to provide us with the information we need to consider your organization for the Pethealth Profiles.

Please be aware that we currently have the resources to profile only one organization per month. The release of profiles during the course of the year will coincide with the key advertising window for your fund-raising events. In order to take maximum advantage of your opportunity to be profiled in the PetPoint Profiles we will need additional information together with web links for donations.

The Pethealth Family

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Pethealth will now make “an ounce of prevention” available along with “tons” of comprehensive coverage already present in our accident/illness pet insurance programs.

This week’s launch of QuickCare Optimum and QuickCare Complete further complement Pethealth’s existing family of pet insurance products. The above programs provide wellness coverage over and above comprehensive major medical coverage for dogs and cats including hereditary and congenital illnesses. The programs are now offered in both Canada and the United States and will be offered to your adopters wanting to upgrade from the the ShelterCare Gift or ShelterCare Intro programs.

While the addition of wellness coverage to our suite of insurance programs represents a departure from our traditional strategy, we have made this decision on the back of three trends which we believe will accelerate over the next two years. Firstly, we see the recent launch of pet pharmacy services by selected U.S. mass retailers as a trend which will become more widespread. As most of you know distribution of pet insurance through retailers is a core part of our business model. It is therefore important for us to make sure that the insurance programs we offer through them will support their plans to provide an expanded range of pet services to their customer base.

Secondly, we have watched as more and more animal welfare organizations have begun to expand the range of veterinary services offered to the general public. Given our existing platform of PetPoint, 24PetWatch and ShelterCare, it is only logical that we look to broaden our pet insurance offerings to those pet owning members of the public who choose to have their dogs or cats treated at shelter clinics. As most clinics operated by shelters place a heavy emphasis on maintenance programs, it makes sense for us to include maintenance in our new offerings.

Lastly, and more generally, there has been a significant improvement in the scope and quality of preventive care, particularly as it relates to such issues as pet obesity, pet diabetes, etc. By helping to encourage pet owners to take advantage of these advancements in preventive care, we will see a benefit to the underwriting side of our business where we again are an industry leader.

We currently insure over 170,000 dogs and cats in both Canada and the United states through a variety of channels, including animal welfare organizations, mass and pet specialty retailers, and veterinary clinics and hospitals. Additionally over 1.3 million pets are now registered with 24PetWatch. This year we expect to pay out over $20 million in claims in connection with all of our insurance programs.

We feel that these new pet insurance programs will be well received by your adopters and will assist in promoting a higher quality of healthcare for their adopted pets.

The Pethealth Family

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