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Back to School Season

Summer is drawing to a close, the evenings are getting cooler and up in the north the first tint of red is appearing on the trees – it’s time to get ready for fall and the return from vacation of adopters who are interested in taking home a new four-legged friend.

Pethealth, continues to dedicate itself to enriching the lives of dogs and cats and those that care for them by providing a range of services which both empower and enhance pet care.

Are you ready to provide your adopters with the pets of their dreams?
Are those pets ready for their new lives? If you are not already using PetPoint our free animal management system as we turn the page and start an new scholastic year we encourage you to take a moment to think about starting now.

The PetPoint animal management system is now the most widely used animal management system in North America, ensuring users a smooth and worry free administrative experience from intake onwards. PetPoint users, have you participated in the PURR program yet? Click here to learn more!

PetPoint offers many additional benefits – including the Staples Purchasing Partner program which will ensure that your organization benefits from the lowest cost stationary and cleaning supplies available.

PetPoint ensures that all newly adopted animals have the benefit of the 30-day ShelterCare Gift – with over $6 million in claims paid out during the Gift period, this is something that no adopter should leave your facility without.

PetPoint automatically registers all microchipped animals in the 24PetWatch database – the most robust database of microchipped pets in North America – in a lost pet emergency 24PetWatch can save PetPoint users time and money by checking their inventory for them and alerting them in the event that they have the lost pet in their facility – reduced chance of accidental euthanasia of a lost pet.

PetPoint users benefit from the lowest cost microchips in North America. In the US, 24PetWatch offers non-ISO (FDX-A) technology similar to that used by other US microchip providers. These chips can be read by the Home Again, Crystal Tag and AVID readers. In Canada, 24PetWatch offers ISO (FDX-B) standard technology and universal scanners. Registration in 24PetWatch is free to any dog and cat implanted with a 24PetWatch microchip. Not on the program? – call 1-866-597-2424 now to get started!

If you haven’t joined PetPoint yet – now isĀ  the time to pick up the phone to talk to one of our helpful service representatives. Now is the time to save time, save money and give your adopted pets the best chance for a long and healthy life with their new adoptive family.

For those of you who are enjoying reading our weekly Pethealth Post – we would love to hear from you. This week we are starting a Pethealth Post blog which will allow you to post comments on our weekly Pethealth Post and make suggestions for the future. We look forward to hearing from you and we wish you all the best for the busy fall season.

The Pethealth Family


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There are few products that have the ability to improve the lives of all those who use them – the ShelterCare Gift Program is one such product. As we pass the $6 million mark for claims paid during the 30-day Gift period, we feel that the ShelterCare Gift Program has indeed “Come of Age”.

The ShelterCare Gift was developed in 2001 as a method of providing new adopters and animal welfare organizations with a financial and emotional cushion alleviating the cost and fear of post adoption health issues. The ShelterCare Gift has now been given to over 1,372,000 new adopters, enabling them to take their new pet home secure in the knowledge that they have the financial means to provide their new family member with the veterinary treatment that it may need.


“It has added great value to our adoption package and assisted our adopters with the medical expense they may incur post adoption..”

-Angie Wood
Assistant Executive Director Naperville Area Humane Society,IL

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The ShelterCare Gift was structured to cover the most common illnesses and accidents that were known to occur within the first 30 days post-adoption. It is a reflection of the accuracy of the policy structure that ShelterCare has now paid out over $6,000,000 in claims within the 30-day gift period.


“One of the kittens we adopted out this spring unfortunately developed URI post adoption…The good news was that ShelterCare paid … and the kitty pulled through. The gift of insurance we provided helped turn this situation into a happy story.”

-Jamie Fitzpatrick
Director of Operations, Heartland Humane Society, OR

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The value of the ShelterCare Gift Program to users in the animal welfare sector cannot be measured in dollars alone. While the $6 million paid out by ShelterCare in claims is concrete financial support, the positive impact of the ShelterCare Gift to organizations is supplemented through increased adoption rates as adopters are attracted by the peace of mind offered through the Gift.


“When we post our animals and show the potential adopter the many things they receive with the adoption, the one that really catches their attention is that the new pet come with health insurance free to them for the first month”

-Ruthanne Olpin Nielsen
Director of Lost Paws, Inc., UT

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“I say that if you are looking at adopting an animal from a shelter, ask if they have the 30-day ShelterCare Gift Policy. It is an awesome program and will only help other people to adopt…”

-Michael K. Kolb
Satisfied Customer
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Even more commonly noticed is the decreased return rate since adopters are more willing to keep a sick animal if a third party is willing to underwrite the cost of treatment. Undoubtedly, in many occasions the ShelterCare Gift Program has helped reduced the number of adopted cats and dogs that would have otherwise been euthanized by their new owners due to lack of funds.


“Thank you for giving us this type of insurance, without it our fur kids would have been put to sleep.”

-Greg & Stephanie Davis
Champagne, IL
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To those who are giving the ShelterCare Gift to their adopters we thank you for your support of this valuable program, the most successful of its kind worldwide. We encourage you to discuss the benefits of extending the coverage with your new adopters as it is only by extending the coverage that you can be sure that the animal you are adopting out will have access to the healthcare it needs for the rest of its life. To sign up for a free seminar on Pet Insurance click here to send an email request

To those of you who are not yet giving the ShelterCare Gift to your adopters we encourage you to consider moving to PetPoint Animal Management System for FREE to enable you to participate in this life-saving program. Contact us today to find out how, click here!


“Keep up the great work and we will keep saving lives one dog and cat at a time. “

-Kristie Jacoby
Shelter Director Hill Country SPCA, TX

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The Pethealth Family

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