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AHS Heartmobile

Pethealth Inc. is pleased to announce that it has become a lead sponsor of the Atlanta Humane Society’s Humane Emergency Animal Rescue Team (“H.E.A.R.T.”) Mobile, now being used in the south east region of the United States. The agreement runs through 2012.

The Atlanta Humane Society (“AHS”) will be using the vehicle in its own outreach efforts, bringing animals from overcrowded shelters to its own facilities. The AHS completed 5,500 adoptions in 2009, up 15% from 2008. With plans to build a new state of the art 100,000 sq ft facility on 10 acres, which will be the largest in the United States, the AHS is positioning itself to be the leading animal welfare organisation in the United States. To this end, it has also become one of the first animal welfare organisations to put its own vehicles on the road, rescuing and bringing up to 100 adoptable dogs per week from rescued and overcrowded organisations as far away as Louisiana to its own facilities where demand for dogs from those pet owners wishing to adopt currently outstrips its own supply.

“We are very pleased to be assisting Atlanta Humane Society in its initiatives,” said Mark Warren,President and Chief Executive Officer of Pethealth Inc. “In addition to providing financial assistance in the ongoing operations of H.E.A.R.T., we are also working with Atlanta Humane to make sure that all organisations from which it receives pets are also running our PetPoint animal management software. As a SaaS-based application, data and related information on those animals being transferred can be sent by ‘the click of a mouse’ from one organisation to another, thereby eliminating unnecessary paperwork but, more importantly, ensuring that disease and related health issues can be effectively controlled.”

PetPoint is the most widely used animal management software. The application is licensed by over 1,350 animal welfare organisations in the United States and Canada. In 2009 alone, over 1.8-million animal intakes and over 680,000 adoptions were completed by organisations running PetPoint. In return for its financial contribution, Pethealth’s own adoptable search site, petango.com, is now the featured brand on the H.E.A.R.T. Mobile. Petango is the fastest growing adoptable search web site.
In December, over 1-million unique visitors went to petango.com to look for pets to adopt. Additionally, more animal welfare organisations in North America run PetPoint than any other animal management software.  PetPoint also drives content to petango.com, making Petango the only adoptable search site to combine adoptable pet search content exclusively with live data from animal welfare organisations.

“We are very happy to have Pethealth’s support in this initiative,” said Carl Leveridge, President of the Atlanta Humane Society. “Pethealth has become one of our most important partners over the past several years. Their PetPoint animal management application has greatly assisted us and the broader shelter community as a whole and, tied to their 24PetWatch microchip program, they have helped us to create greater efficiencies in our own operations.”

The transfer of adoptable dogs between animal welfare organisations is growing. PetPoint, is assisting other individual shelters as well as the charitable arms of leading retailers in America with their efforts to create greater efficiencies in the transfer of dogs and cats between animal welfare organisations.

PetPoint Update

Petango Editor

At the request of many shelters and rescues, we have created a new user role called the Petango Editor.  Users with this role will have the ability to do limited editing of active inventory animals for display on Petango.com and within the Adoptable Search I-frame.  This role should be given individually, with no other user roles applied, to data entry employees or volunteers who need no access to PetPoint other than to work with records displayed on the web.

Learn more here:  http://sms.petpoint.com/help/petango_editor.htm

PetPoint Portfolio Reports are now LIVE!

These reports can be generated from the PetPoint Report Website from within your PetPoint database.  Only those users who’ve had the role of “Executive Contact” added to their record will see this new report option.  The PetPoint Reports Website now shows a new option at the top of the screen with the link to the new Portfolio report for your organization.  Please note, this is for PetPoint SMS users only.

Learn more here:  http://sms.petpoint.com/help/petpoint_portfolio.htm

Care > Exam

The Animal Body Part drop down menu that is available on the Vaccines tab of the Care > Exam screen is now also available on the Procedures and Medications tabs.  If your organization has yet to fill this in with animal body parts you may do so under Admin Options > Add/Edit Field Values.

Learn more here:  http://sms.petpoint.com/help/add_edit_field_value.htm

Sun, sand and the 22nd Annual Galveston Home and Garden Show brought people to Galveston Island.

The Galveston Home & Garden Show is an event that directly benefits the Galveston Island Humane Society where it makes it possible for them to provide many services to the public such as: adoptions, medical care, humane education and prevention of animal cruelty. Without these types of fundraisers it wouldn’t be possible!

Even thought it was the first weekend of Spring break in Texas, over 3,500 people attended the Galveston Home and Garden Show on March 13th-14th to raise funds and awareness for the many of the lost and unwanted animals that are brought into GIHS annually.
All proceeds from the show supports the day to day operations of the GIHS. There were over 130 exhibitors offering special show discounts on merchandise and services. GHIS had a pet adoption center where many dogs and cats were available for adoption. There were many volunteers helping in the adoption center. The PetangoStore.com set up an adoption area at our booth to help find new homes for a couple of kittens. GIHS adopted total of 7 animals by the end of the show.

At PetPoint, we take great pride in constantly updating and upgrading our software.  January is full of useful updates to the PetPoint software.  Here are some of this month’s updates:

Care > Spay/Neuter

A weight option is now available on the Care > Spay/Neuter Surgery section to record weights of animals prior to surgery.

Care > Exam

Exam Notes Templates now have an Override and Append button, which allows the user to add on to the Exam Notes previously taken with more templates.

Admin Options > Add/Edit Item & Shelter Utilities > Manage Inventory

When searching for Items to edit, there is now an option to search for an item by UPC Code or Item Reference Number.

Admin Options > Add/Edit User

Now administrators can assign a new User Role to only those PetPoint Users they wish to give access to the reports website called ‘Report Access’ which will show the option for Report Website on the Reports drop down menu.

Adoptable Search I-frame

Shelters can now display “featured” or “random” pets within an I-frame as well set the animal details pages to open in a pop-up window.  We’ve also added the “Send to a Friend” widget from Petango.com to the I-frame details pages, so potential adopters can inform friends and family about adoptable pets they’ve spotted on your website.

Reports Website – New & Updated Reports

  • Animal: Care Days Age-Species Crosstab – this new report counts the number of “Animal Care Days” (total days for all active animals in the shelter during time period) between the report Start Date and End Date.
  • Animal: Length of Stay – this updated report can now be run based on Intake Date or Outcome Date ranges.
  • Spay/Neuter Reports –  to utilize the new weight field from the Care > Spay/Neuter screen.

Designed with Animal Welfare Organizations in mind, this program can generate savings of up to 15% on your current commercial insurance rates.

Commercial Insurance premiums for animal welfare organizations can run as high as $70,000 annually. Saving 15% with PetPoint Commercial Insurance, will allow Animal Welfare Organizations to divert much-needed dollars towards what matters most, finding loving homes for the pets in your shelter.

Underwritten by QBE America with an A+ financial rating from AM Best, (the same Company which underwrites the ShelterCare insurance program) PetPoint Commercial Insurance Program will provide the exceptional coverage you need, at a cost-effective rate.

For More information Contact:

Barry Herold

Pethealth Inc.



Pethealth Inc. is pleased to announce that its PetPoint animal welfare organizations will receive nearly  $5,000 in commissions from the first month of sales they have generated from the The Petango Store (www.ThePetangoStore.com).

“We are extremely pleased at the early success of The Petango Store, “ said Mark Warren, President and Chief Executive Officer of Pethealth.  “We especially believe in the value of The Petango Store Partner Program as it will provide a recurring revenue stream for our animal welfare organizations.”

Jan McHugh-Smith, President  & CEO of the San Francisco SPCA added: “Pethealth is continuously finding ways to give back through the products and services they offer.  We appreciate their commitment to promoting the health and welfare of animals.”

“As a foster-based rescue group it’s nearly impossible to sell goods at the time of adoption.  The Petango Store gives our customers great prices on over a thousand different products while our organization gets to benefit from their repeat sales. It’s like having our own virtual pet boutique/pharmacy!”  said Denise Willoughby, President of Luv-a-Pet Rescue.

ThePetangoStore.com has over 1,200 skus available, including well-known brands for flea, tick and heartworm medications, as well as non-prescription products such as DogEared, Vetrin and VetriLean. Also available are a variety of leashes, toys, shampoos and bedding for dogs and cats.

In addition, ThePetangoStore.com has the  unique ability to generate high volume traffic through the Company’s leading edge SaaS-based animal management software application, used by over 1,000 animal welfare organizations in the United States.  The Petango Store is generating additional traffic from the Company’s 24PetWatch micro chipping and Petango.com database of close to 3 million customers via its email marketing programs.  This translates into a significant advantage for The Petango Store in that its cost per customer acquisition is significantly lower than other online pet pharmacy stores.